Are you triggered by the latest trends in Software Development? Do you want to hear all about the newest technologies and developments in the world of Software? Then come and join Altran’s Tech Tuesday on the 5th of June!

Tech Tuesday is an after work event, which brings Engineers together to discover and discuss the latest trends and developments in their field(s) of expertise. On the 5th of June, Altran presents you ‘Software, Developments & Trends’ where you are able to join our experts in their presentation and review of their expertise. The kickoff will be done by our Keynote speaker Herman Roebbers, who will take you on a journey into the world of Ultra Low Power. There is room for discussion during a fine dinner, which will be followed by several sessions from which you can choose one. You can find more details in the program below. During the walk-in, dinner and after the sessions there will be several demo's to watch. Participation is free, but please subscribe!

Practical matters

Date: Tuesday, 5th of June 2018
Time: 17h00-20h00.
Location: Altran Office, Limburglaan 24, Eindhoven
Parking: Free
Main language: English
Costs: None
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Keynote: Challenges when going batteryless – batteryless display investigation
Speaker: Herman Roebbers

Description: ‘’I want to not need batteries because they’re an environmental hazard, die at inconvenient times and cost time, energy and money to replace if such is even possible. If I want to design things that don’t need batteries I have to find some other way to get the energy, while at the same time requiring so little energy that this becomes a possibility. I have to go ultra low power.’’

Achieving Ultra Low Power means understanding the system you work with and the work it needs to do. It also means making compromises and working multidisciplinary, as a gain in one part of the system could mean a loss somewhere else. What are the factors influencing your energy consumption, at what level in your system? What can you do about them? This talk will take you along the beginnings of an ambitious project to realize a (meeting room) display system without batteries that can display regularly updateable content even with indoor lighting only, to illustrate some of those decisions.

Parallel Sessions

Session A: Test Automation and DevOps (go hand in hand)
Speakers: Johan Waterschoot & Ard-Jan Glas
Description: Whatever form of DevOps is chosen, there will undoubtedly be a concept for test automation to ensure faster feedback.The need for this faster feedback can be fulfilled to a large extent if a solid design and vision for test automation is chosen. In this presentation Johan and Ard-Jan give their vision on seamlessly combining test automation and DevOps. Discover how Test Automation and DevOps complement each other nicely and where Test Automation can optimally support DevOps.

Session B: Digital Twin in the infrastructure (This session will be in Dutch)
Speaker: Lambert Verhagen
Description: In the Netherlands, the government (Rijkswaterstaat) manages 27 tunnels and 5 are under construction. In addition, Rijkswaterstaat manages 1000 bridges, over 80 (sea) locks, dams and surge barriers. Many of these objects were built in the 1950s and 1960s and are in need of major maintenance.

The intention of Rijkswaterstaat is standardization for all its objects. New ICT techniques will help with this. IoT, sensoring and big data are already frequently used in other industries. Altran develops an integral concept for the complete lifecycle of an object. Under the heading of the digital twin, various solutions for systems engineering, simulation and predictive maintenance are being developed. In the future there will be a digital twin of each object. This will make development, management and maintenance easier and more predictable. 

Session C: User interface from concept to full user-centered UX-design
Speaker: Dimitri Kwekkeboom
Description: The working process of an UX-designer: How can a UX-Designer help Bosch Security Systems develop a user-centered design for an embedded device? Dimitri will take you through the steps of the process.

Session D: Assurance of automous vehicle systems and software: How can autonomous vehicles be accepted in cooperation with human road users?
Speaker: Jeroen van der Werf
Description: How can autonomous vehicle be accepted in cooperation with human road users? Human behavior is only predictable to a certain level. One of the golden rules for traffic engineering is: “The road user will surprise u”. Machines are much more predictable. Can we ensure a good cooperation between those two groups of future road users? What can we learn from history? Expectation is a growing area where vehicle operate autonomous, digital connected to each other and the infrastructure, without human “disturbance”. The last mile operation could either be manual or automated at low speed.

Session E: Expertise Centre Automation & Professional Software Engineering
Speakers: Cerion Armour-Brown & Jinmin Hu
Description: Our clients and prospects are faced with ever-decreasing time-to-market demands within the global trend of digitalisation: Expertise Centre Automation’s Solutions provide answers to these acute market problems. As part of Altran’s Technology & Innovation strategy, EC Automation is developing Solutions within the domain of Software Automation. We use professional software engineering best-practices and latest tools & technologies. In this presentation, Cerion & Jin will explain the why, how and what of EC Automation’s Solutions, and the culture of craftsmanship needed to create and maintain quality solutions.


17h-17h30: Walk-in
17h30: Opening & Keynote 
18h15-19h00: Dinner 
19h00- 20h00: Parallel sessions
20h00: Demo's & drinks

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