Tech Tuesday // web edition - Automated Unit Testing

  • Software Development
  • Tech Tuesday, Webinar
  • 14/jul/2020

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We are delighted to invite you for a webinar about Automated Unit Testing. In this Tech Tuesday webinar edition Richard van de Laarschot, Advanced Architect, presents how his team changed the way of working with respect to automated unit testing for one of our clients. By having a vision that covers not only technical aspects but also people, a culture change has been created that enables the customer to increase productivity while increasing code quality.

Richard will explain how more testing can be done, not by adding more people but by working smarter and applying automated technologies. With a use case, Richard will show how intelligent testing substantially increases the development speed and product quality resulting in continuous value improvement.

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16.30h – 16.35h - Welcome

16.35h – 17.20h - How we automated unit testing and changed our Way of Working.

17.20h – 17.30h - Q&As

17.30h – 17.35h - Teaser next webinar & completion


About Richard van de Laarschot: As an architect and product owner, Richard is experienced in software development for machine construction. He has extensive experience in software development from requirements analysis to integration testing. When it comes to work, he is characterized by his tenacity, perseverance, flexibility and quality awareness. Richard is currently responsible for software development and architecture of various high tech products. He mainly operates in the middle layers of the architecture (machine control). In this role he maintains contacts with the customers, gives technical leadership to a team of engineers, supports the project with the technical aspects of planning (including effort estimates and dependency analysis) and maintains the roadmap of (his part) of the architecture.

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Aanmelden voor dit event is niet meer mogelijk