Tech Tuesday // Web edition - Designing battery-free IoT devices

  • Software Development, systems engineering
  • Tech Tuesday, Webinar
  • 08/sep/2020

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By 2021, around 35 billion IoT (edge) devices will be installed around the world and this figure is expected to jump to 125 billion by 2030. Many of these devices use batteries so the need for changing and charging batteries will only become greater and greater. This growing number of batteries is not only bad for the user experience but even worse for the environment.

During this webinar, Herman Roebbers will share his experience on how to bring down energy consumption. He will talk about how energy-autonomous design is about system design, thus requiring compromises between the many factors that influence energy consumption in connected products. With Ultra Low Power device operation and energy harvesting techniques, it is now possible to design battery-free IoT devices. This will be highlighted by Herman sharing a use case of a battery-free wireless and energy autonomous meeting room display system.

So register now via the form below and join us on 8 September 16.30 CET

16.30h – 16.35h - Welcome
16.35h – 17.20h - Designing battery-free IoT devices
17.20h – 17.30h - Q&As
17.30h – 17.35h - Teaser next webinar & completion

About Herman Roebbers
Herman Roebbers is Advanced Expert and thought leader Ultra Low Power at Altran Netherlands. He has more than 30 years of experience in a wide range of technologies, and regularly gives guest lectures at various universities on diverse subjects. His interests lie in HW/SW Interfacing and HW/SW co-design. He is also a member of the Review Committee of the Communicating Process Architectures series of conferences. Herman is an external advisor to several EEMBC ULP benchmarking related Working Groups.

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Aanmelden voor dit event is niet meer mogelijk