Tech Tuesday // web edition - hydrogen technology

  • Automotive Engineering, systems engineering
  • Tech Tuesday
  • 10/nov/2020

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Hydrogen will play a key role in our future energy system. It is a well-known element, with a broad range of applications. Current technology developments and decarbonization goals to mitigate climate change are placing hydrogen as a viable and competitive alternative to fossil fuels. As volume production capacity of fuel cells and electrolyzers increases and government policies move forward, knowing how to integrate hydrogen systems into real-life applications will be a common challenge for our customers.

During this webinar, Adrià Carmona will present some the recent developments in the hydrogen sector, with special attention to green hydrogen and its potential combined with renewable energies. He will also talk about some application cases, with a few considerations regarding safety.

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16.30-16.35 hr: Welcome
16.35-17.20 hr: Hydrogen Technology
17.20-17.30 hr: Q&As
17.30-17.35 hr: Teaser next webinar and completion

About Adrià:
Adrià Carmona is a Mechanical Engineer with five years of experience in mechanical design, from consumer electronics and injection molding to machine conditioning in the semiconductor industry. His keen interest in hydrogen led him to study at the National Fuel Cell Research Center in California. Since then he has been trying to find ways to increase awareness around hydrogen and its real-world applications, currently through Altran’s Innovation Lab.

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Aanmelden voor dit event is niet meer mogelijk