Tech Tuesday // web edition - Test Automation & Application CI/CD platform (9-06)

  • Software Development
  • Tech Tuesday, Webinar
  • 09/jun/2020

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n June 9th, we are organizing our first live webinar of Altran's Tech Tuesday. In this edition Emile Meeuse, Senior Software Engineer, talks about Test Automation and how our self-developed CI/CD platform is applied internally and how it will be applied externally at our customers in time. We give practical examples about the architecture and design process of the “ACID” (Altran Continuous Integration & Delivery) and how this platform contributes to the software automation process.

With a true DevSecOps approach, we are working on a generic, safe and high-quality solution to get automated pipelines with the necessary feedback and dashboarding fully operational for new projects in days, instead of months.

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16.30h – 16.35h - Welcome

16.35h – 17.20h - How the Altran CI/CD platform contributes to the software automation process

17.20h – 17.30h - Q&As

17.30h – 17.35h - Teaser next webinar & completion

About Emile: Approximately 24 years of software development experience, ranging from embedded software to computers and knowledge of the full stack, from front-end to back-end. Affinity with UX/UI (User Experience / User Interface) and testing at all levels, from unit testing to system testing. Now also working on infrastructure and cloud computing with ACID. Always eager to learn new things and design great software.

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Aanmelden voor dit event is niet meer mogelijk