Trends and Developments in Software (13-11)

  • Tech Tuesday
  • 13/nov/2018

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Are you fascinated by the latest and newest software related technologies and innovations and do you like hearing more about it from technical experts who are involved in creating the future themselves? Do you like to experience new technologies yourself and discuss about it with likeminded colleagues ? Then we warmly invite you to our Tech Tuesday on November 13th in the Thales Shared Service Center in Hengelo!

We will kick off the evening with a short welcome, followed by our keynote speaker Antonio Jaramillo Mesa, who will give an interactive demonstration of the Virtual Factory. Hereafter we will provide you with a selection of very interesting subjects, presented in each of the parallel sessions. You can select one session to join with the registration. The evening will be closed with drinks and a moment to discuss with the other participants.

It is an after-work event and dinner and drinks are provided by us. If you have some diet wishes, please let us know in your registration!


17:00 – 18:00u Opening and dinner
18:00 – 18:30u Welcome to Altran by Gert Jan Naber
18:30 – 19:00u Plenary session – Antonio Jaramillo Mesa
19:00 – 20:00u Session of choice
20:30u – 21:00u Drinks and goodbye


Please note that joining this event is totally free of charge, but registration is required. You can register by using the yellow button below. Please don’t forget to mention your session of choice and your diet wishes!     

Practical information

Date: Tuesday November 13th

Time: From 17:00 – 21:00

Location: Shared Facility Center, Haaksbergerstraat 65, 7554 PA, Hengelo

Parking: Parking facilities are available on location

Costs: No money, only some hours of your time

Main Language: English 


In case you have any questions, feel free to reach out and send an e-mail to using the subject line “Tech Tuesday Hengelo” or contact Leonie Wichers Hoeth at 06-81287315

We are very much looking forward to meeting you on the 13th of November in Hengelo!

Details sessions

Plenary Session & Demonstration  by Antonio Jesus Jaramillo Mesa

The Virtual Factory is the ultimate connected environment to reap all the benefits of the Industry 4.0 revolution

Industry is at the dawn of its 4th major evolution. A unique combination of digital technologies is impacting all factories which can now operate under never-reached level of performance.

Advanced Simulation is transforming product engineering and production; Industrial IoT connects and integrates data from an increasingly connected supply chain enabling unprecedented ways to optimize the production process by integrating multiple sources of data, whereas Artificial intelligence unlocks new production management models based on autonomous decision making… In this context, Virtual and Augmented Reality are proposing new tools to visualize information, interact with the environment leveraging advanced interfaces incl.  ElectroEncephaloGraphical control and eventually optimize the production management. 

Session A by Daniël van Gils (Thales) 

Navigating the Cloud Native storm and how to survive it.

Are you preparing for the Cloud Native storm? What kind of baggage do you need to get your ticket for this awesome ride? Daniël will navigate the Cloud Native storm and show you how to survive it and adapt it to yours.

However, what is this Cloud Native thing anyway? How do you implement a Cloud Native strategy and how to grow a culture with a positive Cloud Native attitude? What about the state of the Cloud Native landscape and to keep up with all the innovations? How does this apply to the Naval domain and Thales in general?

Daniël will dive deep into the world of containers, orchestrators and learn which steps you need to take to become a Cloud Native engineer! He will drill down from high-level abstractions all the way down to some (live) code. Get your admission during this talk and start your Cloud Native journey.

Session B by Thomas Rooijakkers & Giuseppe Papari

Building an autonomous drone

The Innovation Group Scientific Computing is working on the development of an autonomous drone. In this talk, we present how various image analysis techniques can aid in the development of an autonomous drone. We discuss and demonstrate, in particular, image feature detection and SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping).

Session C by Ard-Jan Glas

Test Automation and DevOps (go hand in hand)

Whatever form of DevOps is chosen, there will undoubtedly be a concept for test automation to ensure faster feedback.The need for this faster feedback can be fulfilled to a large extent if a solid design and vision for test automation is chosen. In this presentation Johan and Ard-Jan give their vision on seamlessly combining test automation and DevOps. Discover how Test Automation and DevOps complement each other nicely and where Test Automation can optimally support DevOps.


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Aanmelden voor dit event is niet meer mogelijk