Altran is a multi-national company that reaches a lot of different industries. For an employee this means you have a development platform to expand your horizon. For example, projects can differ from a very small setting (only one team) for some smaller clients to distributed teams world-wide at other multi-national companies, using SAFe for instance. As a result, you are empowered to strengthen your career in the way you see fit. This is the main reason why I like working for Altran.

Being in the driver seat of your career, you can make use of the Altran Acadamy to register yourself for soft and hard skill trainings provided in-house or externally.

As Altran has good relations with the most meaningful companies, you may be working on products or services that are improving the world as we know it today. Personally, I am most proud of contributing to drastically changing the workflow of how treatment decisions are taken for cancer patients that lead to more positive outcomes, as well as a more comfortable work environment for medical specialists to operate in.