I’m working at Altran as a senior Cloud Engineer for about 5 years. In those years I’ve been mostly active in the northern region in the Netherlands. I’ve worked on several projects where the main goal was to implement tools for connecting large number of  devices and  to collect, store and exchange the data produced by these devices, in the cloud.

What I like about Altran is that there is an innovative aspect in every project. From working on connected devices (e.g. boilers and ventilation systems) to real-time services for handling  every growing amount of data, we help our customers to remain competitive and as an engineer you always influence the process to ensure it leads to business value.  Sharing knowledge is a foundation within Altran, which is facilitated by Innovation Groups of different competences. These knowledge sessions create the opportunity to meet your colleagues, interact, learn and is always combined with a very tasteful diner!

John van der Veer

Cloud Engineer