A patient's cancer treatment is decided during a Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) meeting that consists of oncology experts from different domains. In this meeting a lot of patients are discussed and for each quite some data needs to be understood well in order to make an effective treatment decision. At Philips we have created an application that presents a dashboard to be used during this MDT meeting to provide clinicians with relevant information and help them in making treatment decisions. It improves the patient’s outcome and reduces the time needed per patient as well.

Our solution is based on a Philips proprietary platform and consists of many micro services.

I was happy to help the team as a scrum master and additionally I helped the team solve technical challenges and introduced Scrum in the department that leaded to a significant raise in velocity towards a successful delivery of a prototype in one Europe’s leading hospitals. I think the most challenging in this project was getting everyone in the same direction, informed and aligned so a steady deliverable output was established. Why I liked this project so much is because it involved both people management as well as diving into technical matters while keeping an eye on continuous improvement of the team. So it was very diverse and a great experience to take along to other projects again.