''It was clear from the start that Altran would be a great fit for me. After two months of internal projects, Altran arranged that I could join the design team of a challenging, but rewarding project at a big customer. Entering as a Junior Electrical Engineer and having a background in Electrical Engineering, I was able to grow into my first Lead Designer role after only half a year. Currently as an Electrical Engineer, I have the main responsibility over the electrical infrastructure and power electronics design of a novel lithographic wafer inspection machine. Every project member has to push themselves to deliver a cost-effective yet accurate solution whilst conforming to a tight planning driven by time-to-market incentives. This project allows me to experience many different aspects within Hardware Engineering and I learn a great deal every day. And with the support of my Team Manager, I am growing towards my desired role of Electrical Architect. I am glad to have such good colleagues and to be part of the Altran family!''