''After graduating in Technical IT, I switched between a number of employers because I did not feel like I am doing what I like to do to bring the full potential out of myself. Until I received a call from an Altran recruiter, back in 2011. From my first job interview I felt like this is the place to be, especially because Altran is the front runner in technical automation in the world. Altran offers various challenging opportunities nationally and internationally.

I always liked to work on projects which are visible in everyday life and found my challenge within infrastructure projects and especially tunnels. In a tunnel, hardware and software come together and make a very safe environment for many automobilists to pass by each day. These kind of projects are huge and as an engineer you are not only doing your own tasks behind a computer, but you also work outside and get your hands dirty. Altran is very active in this industry and has helped me to develop my skills and become an expert in my field.''