Where else would I go?

And I wasn’t disappointed! I was caught by the numerous benefits Altran had to offer at the time I was starting my career: Innovation, personal growth, sense of community and an incredible career path. A place where you not only get to apply your knowledge but also to learn from the great minds around you! That’s only a few reasons why I joined Altran.

I remember being told that we are going to be a part of a challenging project working for the leading High Tech Industry, with a lot of unknowns - a project where we had zero knowledge but still had to deliver, a project where we were given almost next-to-nothing information and yet we have to help build the next state-of-the-art piece of technology, and I just found that thrilling and exciting!
We just started with a team of three engineers that were guided by three experienced engineers, and now we have grown to a team of strong forty international members, and as such feels like a family. And the beauty of it is, you get to share and learn together, i.e. No one left behind. Last but not the least, we have our own initiatives such as Lunch&Learn, and Payday Activities.

While working, you can also grab a coffee, which I like to call the coffee hot spot. This is a place where you are bound to run into different colleagues all working on exciting projects, and if you have 5 minutes to spare then you can get to know of other enticing opportunities that Altran is involved with, leaving you feel proud of what Altran is offering to the world.

Apart from being part of a project, you have the freedom to work on your personal growth. Through Altran Academy you have the chance to choose from 30+ courses, either to improve your personal skills and/or your technical skills. Want to also make your hands dirty? We have the InnovationLab for that purpose, aimed to improve your creativity and a chance to demonstrate your skills!