At any project and consultancy company, you will have some time in-between projects. Where most companies have some initiatives at individual level to keep people ‘busy’ during this in-between time, we at Altran take a different approach. We run a program that is challenging, educational and enjoyable for our colleagues, while bringing innovative value to Altran and its customers at the same time.

Manatree is an innovation program, staffed with the people who are in-between projects. In Agile teams we work on the innovation roadmap of Altran, ranging from smart test automation solutions to our own Internet of Things framework. People combine their skills to deliver new functionality every week and improve existing ones.

This does not only results in innovation for our customers, but is also a great learning experience for our own colleagues. Experimenting with new technologies and exchanging knowledge and experiences.

With a culture best described as professional fun, practice what you preach, Boy Scout rule and get to finish what you start we do this year around. Sharing the results of each sprint with the entire company and the occasional demo to a customer when they visit our office.

Floris Verstegen, Project & Innovation Manager